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1942- 2016: Boxing Great & Political Activist Muhammad Ali Dies At Age 74

NY Times video obituary on the life and legendary career of boxing icon, political activist and humanitarian Muhammad Ali:


Floyd Mayweather Breezes Thru Manny Pacquiao To Win Boxing’s Richest Bout

Floyd Mayweather wins unanimous decision over Manny Pacquiao in a fight projected to generate over $400M in revenues:


Via The NY Times:

For nearly 20 years, boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. has frustrated opponents in the ring with his cool calculation. He has been criticized out of the ring for his lavish lifestyle and outbursts of domestic violence. And he has navigated it all by winning habitually and becoming unapologetically rich.

Manny Pacquiao, the mop-haired scrapper from the Philippines, presented a peculiar test. Pacquiao is a left-hander with fearless guile, the next-best fighter of the generation. He was an opponent who had waited years for a match. And he was so widely popular that Mayweather, a former Olympic medalist fighting in his longtime hometown against a foreigner, was widely booed upon arrival in the ring on Saturday night and again upon departure.

But he left a winner. And he got much, much richer along the way.

In what was considered the highest-grossing bout in boxing history, Mayweather, the 38-year-old with the baby face and the unblemished professional boxing record, beat Pacquiao for the welterweight world championship with a unanimous decision. Read the rest of this entry

Boxing: Floyd Money Mayweather Finally Set To Fight Manny Pacquiao May 2nd At MGM Vegas In Mega Fight

After years of hype, anticipation & differing agendas, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pac-Man close deal to fight on May 2nd:


Via Yahoo Sports:

LAS VEGAS – After years of frustration and disappointment, following many starts and stops, perhaps the most talked about boxing match in history is finally a reality.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. announced Friday that he’s agreed to fight Manny Pacquiao in a welterweight bout May 2 at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas. It’s a bout the public has been calling for since late 2009 and pits the two finest boxers of their generation in a historic event.

“I am glad my decision to meet with Manny and discuss making this fight happen helped get the deal done,” said Mayweather. “Giving the fans what they want to see is always my main focus. This will be the biggest event in the history of the sport. Read the rest of this entry

A Busy NBA Finals Off Day Down In Miami With Boxing Legend Mike Tyson

Sports Media World and Sports Illustrated connect on a feature on Boxing Legend Mike Tyson in Miami Beach during the NBA Finals:


MIAMI — Archeologists recently discovered the remnants of an ancient Native American civilization in downtown Miami. Surrounded by towering, glittering buildings, whatever is left of the Tequestas, whose history dates back thousands of years, has slowly been uncovered. The findings have included portions of a village and even a burial ground, which the Miami Herald reported was destroyed to make way for a hotel long ago. The discoveries have slowed development projects, as city officials decide how to proceed while weighing this history against the future.

Just minutes from one of these sites, Mike Tyson plops down on a brown couch in a Brickell high-rise condominium. The 47-year-old Tyson happens to know a thing or two about buried skeletons, and he admits that he can feel the tug from the past as he tries to craft a new, functional life after retiring from boxing eight years ago.

Nevertheless, he is plowing forward in earnest with his latest venture as the frontman, namesake and promoter for Iron Mike Productions, which is staging made-for-TV fights. His fingerprints are all over the new company’s efforts, from selecting the matchups, to mentoring the younger fighters, to attending the events to generate buzz, to leveraging his name to land national television broadcasts. Read the rest of this entry

Boxing Legend Mike Tyson, Spike Lee and HBO Films Present “Undisputed Truth” Premieres November 16th

HBO & Boxing Great Mike Tyson team up w/ director Spike Lee on new film “Undisputed Truth” based off Tyson’s “One Man Show”:

Premieres November 16th; Official HBO Video Trailer:

Floyd Money Mayweather Now (45-0) Is By Far The Biggest $how In Boxing

Behind the scenes and on the road with Money Mayweather prior to his latest victory over Canelo Alvarez: 

Via ESPN Magazine

HE IS STANDING in a jewelry store that caters to the top sliver of the top one percent, wearing nearly $3 million in platinum and diamonds around his neck and wrist, surrounded by at least 20 of his associates, one of them hugging a Nike duffel that contains ziplock bags filled with forearm-thick knots of $100 bills and enough jewelry to satisfy the sartorial whims of its owner for an 11-city press tour. There are people outside on the New York City street with their faces smeared against the windows of the store, standing a few feet from a seven-deep black-Suburban-and-Escalade motorcade. There is a Gulfstream IV and a Gulfstream V gassed up and waiting for him and his entourage on the tarmac across the Hudson at Teterboro.

He has, in the past 20 minutes, spent close to a quarter of a million dollars on earrings and a necklace for his 13-year-old daughter, Iyanna, and he has sent some of his people out to buy so many chicken strips and fries that the place smells like a vat of burning oil, and at this moment he is haggling with the jewelers over a $3.5 million watch as a member of his security detail — the one summoned into action by the lyrical command “Jethro — sanitizer!” — is pouring so much Purell on his hands that it cascades through his fingers and creates a puddle on the white marble floor.

And it is here, at this moment, amid the self-inflicted chaos of his life, that Floyd Mayweather Jr. demands the attention of everyone in the room Read the rest of this entry

Austin Trout Ready To Take Next Step Into Boxing Stardom, Faces Alvarez

Sports Media World in San Antonio for Showtime’s Austin Trout vs Canelo Alvarez bout, ESPN’s Kieran Mulvaney with a preview:

No professional prizefighter can ever truly be said to have had it easy. The adjective simply doesn’t belong in a trade that involves athletic human beings pummeling each other on the body and head. But while each and every pugilist must ultimately carry himself or herself along the path to glory, the path that is laid out for some can be more conducive to success than those faced by others.

A Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., for example, by dint of being the son of his near-deified father, might be headlining pay-per-views in his teens, with barely a recognizable name on his résumé. Conversely, an Ishe Smith, having labored to overcome doubters and self-inflicted wounds, might find himself so moved upon finally winning a title belt at age 34 that he is unable to prevent himself from shedding convulsive tears afterward.

For a while, Austin “No Doubt” Trout must have felt his path was destined to be more like that of Smith than Chavez. An accomplished amateur, he fell just short of a shot at Olympic glory, losing to eventual champion Vanes Martirosyan in a box-off to reach the 2004 Games. He turned professional the following year, but his hometown of Las Cruces, N.M., is no boxing hotbed, and his arrival among the paid ranks went relatively unnoticed. He fought in Topeka, Kan., and Auburn, Ind. He traveled to Canada, Panama and Mexico.

Read the rest of this entry

Boxing: Juan Manuel Marquez Finally Defeats His Rival Manny Pacquiao In Stunning 6th Round Knockout

In their fourth epic battle, Manny Pacquiao gets knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez at MGM Grand in Las Vegas:

Via New York Times & AP:

LAS VEGAS (AP) — No need for Juan Manuel Marquez to impress the judges. No need for the referee to count to 10.

Marquez took care of all of his business Saturday night with a thunderous right hand that left Manny Pacquiao face first on the canvas with his remarkable career in question.

Unable to win a decision in their first three fights, Marquez won the old-fashioned way with a huge right hand that put Pacquiao down for the second time in the fight at 2:59 of the sixth round.

Referee Kenny Bayless never bothered to count as Marquez leaped into his handlers’ arms in celebration and Pacquiao’s wife broke into tears at ringside.

“I threw a perfect punch,” Marquez said. “I knew Manny could knock me out at any time.”

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Manny Pacquiao Robbed By Las Vegas Judges, Loses Title To Timothy Bradley

Boston Herald boxing writer Ron Borges on the beyond controversial decision that has the boxing world stunned:

LAS VEGAS, NV - JUNE 09:  (R-L) Manny Pacquiao lands a right to the head of Timothy Bradley during their WBO welterweight title fight at MGM Grand Garden Arena on June 9, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

LAS VEGAS – A lot of things are legal in Las Vegas that are not legal anywhere else. Last night robbery was among them.

After what appeared to most observers to be a lopsided victory for Manny Pacquiao at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Pacquiao became the victim of not merely petty theft but grand larceny when it was announced he’d lost a split decision to undefeated former junior welterweight champion Timothy Bradley.

Frankly, the decision was so outrageous as to defy description. Even the judge who ruled for Pacquiao, Jerry Roth, didn’t get it right, scoring it 115-113 for the champion. Both C.J. Ross and Duane Ford somehow scored it 115-113 the other way, making Bradley the split decision winner of the WBO welterweight title in a fight he didn’t appear to even be in after seven rounds. The Herald had Pacquiao winning easily, 117-111.

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Boxing Champion Floyd Money Mayweather Is Winning His Way

Tim Keown’s ESPN The Magazine cover story on Floyd Mayweather who is still undefeated after defeating Miguel Cotto:

Floyd Mayweather Jr. waves to boxing fans before facing Miguel Cotto for the WBA super welterweight title, Saturday, May 5, 2012, in Las Vegas.

THE SCENE in the parking lot of the Mayweather Boxing Club in Las Vegas has devolved into an extended documentary on the perils of celebrity. There’s a betting slip on the loose worth $80,000, earned on the merits of the Miami Heat’s first-half performance about two hours earlier on this Friday night, and the quest to find it has everything but a circus-music soundtrack.

It’s not about the money. Really, it’s not. Floyd Mayweather Jr. bets a lot, both in frequency and amount, and this betting slip is not extraordinary in any way. Just the night before, he lost $50,000 on the first half of the Thunder-Lakers game before doubling down on his beloved Thunder and winning $100,000 in the second half. This is a man who later that night will put on a pair of pants he hadn’t worn in a while and pull four grand out of a pocket the way you or I might find a five in the dryer. Trust me: Eighty grand won’t change his life.

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