The Social Media Playbook

The SOCIAL MEDIA PLAYBOOK is a revolutionary system of personalized social media management techniques designed to facilitate ongoing interaction between professional athletes and the community of people who follow their careers.

Our cutting-edge system will allow athletes the opportunity to increase their connectivity with fans by engaging in a genuine dialogue with their social media followers. This develops a passionate and active network of new supporters who will thus assist in the distribution of their message and shared content while helping grow their personal brands.


The SOCIAL MEDIA PLAYBOOK requires a minimal time commitment from each player per week, and is streamlined in order to complement and enhance your current involvement on social mediums such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, Vine, Google+, and YouTube as opposed to replacing it.

After an initial meeting with our consulting team in order to identify your personal interests and branding goals, we personally construct, manage, and implement a series of daily, weekly, and monthly customized engagement applications designed to maximize the growth of your brand through genuine, fun, and effective interaction with your fans and followers.

Our system is proven to make interaction with fans manageable, simple, genuine, and meaningful.  Your Twitter following and fan base will increase significantly as a result, a controlled distribution point for self-generated news and content will be created, and the interactive platform necessary to capitalize on value generating marketing opportunities will be developed as well.

The SOCIAL MEDIA PLAYBOOK is designed to allow professional athletes the opportunity to develop relationships with their fans through Social Media and Interaction.  This includes the following:

  • Fans interested in two-way communication with the player
  • Followers engaged in conversations about the athlete’s personalized interests
  • Brands, influential consumers, and the media interested in future partnership opportunities with our clients


Our system features the following series of engagement applications strategically aligned with your personal interests and branding goals. Featured applications included the following:

  • Weekly Interactive Q & A Videos Driven by @Messages – This will allow you to respond directly to fans and followers through a 10-minute YouTube Video platform that we facilitate, edit, produce, transcribe, and publish.
  • Daily Blog Links Published On Your Website – We will personally select, find, excerpt,and publish video highlights, blogs or articles of interest about you or topics you’re similarly interested in.
  • Monthly “Day In The Life” Video Segments – This off-court, 10-minute reality & lifestyle video feature that we film, produce, edit, and publish will allow you to interact with fans and people who want to know more about your life off-court.


As social media channels continue to drive sports news and information at an increasingly unprecedented pace, our system will put your brand in an offensive position of strength through the self-generated news and information created by our series of interactive applications. This will in turn allow you to both create and distribute your own message, about your own brand, and be in control of it’s continued growth.


The Interactive online platform that is created by the SOCIAL MEDIA PLAYBOOK will serve as the online infrastructure currently required to fully capitalize on emerging marketing opportunities. In addition to the strategic production work associated with the series of engagement applications highlighted above, SPORTS MEDIA WORLD also offers the following web development and social media consulting services as well:

  • Personal Website Development
  • Social Media Synergy [Facebook, @Twitter, SnapChat, YouTube Accounts]
  • Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, and Player Blog Creation
  • Personalized Social Media Consulting and Branding Strategy
  • Pre-Event Planning Campaigns [Foundations, Camps, Personal/Corporate Appearances]




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