Sports Marketing


Sports Marketing, Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities:

has numerous Sports Marketing, Brand Sponsorship and Advertising opportunities available for companies, sports teams and consumer brands directly targeting the influential sports demographic.

Sports Marketing MMI/NSW Mops:

Advertise and provide exposure to your company or team logo, product or brand at NBA, NCAA, H.S, AAU or International basketball arenas on our innovative Sports Marketing Mops. International professional league venues include Spain, France, Turkey, Greece, Israel, China and Russia.

This new, innovative and creative on-court product improves the safety for players and effectively reaches the influential sports demographics. Increase your NBA/NCAA team sponsorship revenues by providing your sponsor companies with visibility, value and direct impressions to fans, TV viewers and influnential consumers court-side. This sports marketing opportunity is perfect for athletic footwear companies, motion picture studios, record labels, advertising agencies, food & beverage providers, banks, websites and electronics or cell phone companies.

Now you can get your team or corporate logo and company name directly on the court at NBA and NCAA games all season.


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